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roll cake mold

roll cake mold

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Of course roll cake,

A great item that can also be used as a bat!

Fluffy and moist sponge fabric,

A roll cake made with plenty of fresh cream.

This time I would like to introduce the "roll cake mold" that Shiji often uses.

☑︎ Aluminum plated baking mold with good heat conduction.
A moist and fluffy sponge cake will be baked.

(Image of moist and fluffy fabric)

An aluminum plated baking mold with good heat conduction.

A moist and fluffy sponge cake will be baked.

☑︎ Made of sturdy steel ◎

(Photos that convey the durability)

Durable baking mold made of steel.

It is very durable and will not warp no matter how many times you use it.

☑︎ Also convenient for making small cakes!

(Photos of the baked dough or 3 lunch boxes )

When you want to make several small cakes, this mold is easy and convenient.

Bake a flat sponge cake and cut it out in a round shape to save time!

If you cut it out with a 9cm round mold, you will get 9 sponge cakes with a diameter of 9cm.

(Image of finishing three lunch boxes) 

☑︎ It's actually great as a bat!

(Where the fabric is placed: Diamant or something?)

To let tart or cookie dough rest in the refrigerator,
This type is actually very useful.

(Where the dough is placed: Where the tart is resting?)

Because it is a large thin square size, even if you roll out the tart dough into a large circle,

You can stably place the dough in a flat state.

(Image: Placed in the refrigerator)

It's aluminum plated with good heat conduction, so it doesn't get cold easily!

Recipes that can be made in a roll cake mold

☑︎ Pure white roll cake

Only one piece of red on the pure white fabric.
This is a very cute roll cake with strawberries.
See recipe

☑︎ Matcha and red bean paste roll cake

The Japanese combination is delicious.
A roll cake made with slightly sweet red bean paste and matcha dough.
See recipe

☑︎ Peach roll cake

A summer roll cake filled with fresh peaches.
Paired with fresh cream, it creates a refreshing summer taste.
See recipe

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