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kitchen scale

kitchen scale

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Compact and high precision!
An excellent product that can also measure large amounts.

A kitchen scale is one of the essential tools for making sweets.

This time, I would like to introduce Shijii's favorite kitchen scale.

☑︎ Excellent item that can be measured in 0.1g increments!

(0.1g zoom photo)

One of the most important things when making sweets is measuring accurately!

This kitchen scale is very convenient as it can measure in 0.1g increments.

For example, if you use a kitchen scale with increments of 0.5g, 1g and 1.4g will be the same.

With this kitchen scale, you can enjoy making sweets without any worries.

(Is there a photo of me measuring baking powder?) 

☑︎ The response is fast, so there are fewer mistakes in weighing!

(GIF showing response speed etc.)

One of the features of this kitchen scale is its quick response.

The moment you put the ingredients into the container, the numbers will change and stop with a click.

You can enjoy making sweets without the inconvenience of adding too much due to slow response times.

☑︎ Compact yet can measure up to 3kg

(Photo of measuring in a huge bowl )

Although it looks compact,

Strong enough to measure up to a large capacity of 3kg.

It can flexibly handle not only sweets but also large-capacity measurements such as bread making.

☑︎ The top lid can be removed and washed with water.

(Photo of washing )

The smart-looking stainless steel top lid is removable!

It is removable so you can easily wash it with water.

It's convenient because you can remove it and wash it even if it gets dirty during measurement!

☑︎ The buttons are comfortable to press ♫

(Pochi's photo )

It feels surprisingly good when I use it.

The feel of the buttons on the kitchen scale.

With a luxurious click feel,

The way the button is pressed feels like a "pop".

There is also a sense of security regarding durability. Highly recommended.

☑︎ Bonus) Water and milk can be measured in ml units.

(ml photo )

I don't use it much, but you can measure water and milk in ml units!

You don't have to bring your face close to the measuring cup's memory so that it is horizontal.

Another point is that it can be easily measured in ml units.

Sleek appearance, high precision, large capacity, and hygienic.
This kitchen scale is my favorite product!

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