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rubber spatula

rubber spatula

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A rubber spatula is essential for making sweets.
This is my favorite rubber spatula.

A rubber spatula is one of the essential items for making sweets.

This time, I would like to introduce Shijii's favorite rubber spatula out of all the rubber spatulas.

☑︎ Best shape that is easy to use.

(shape image)

Rubber spatula come in various shapes,

The easiest to use is this Tiger Crown rubber spatula.

There are also rubber spatulas that have a slanted tip or a unique shape,

This format is the easiest to use and is recommended.

The tip fits perfectly along the bowl, so you can remove the dough neatly from the bowl.

☑︎ Best hardness for ease of use.

(Squiggly photo ) 

One of the important points when choosing a rubber spatula is The "hardness" of the spatula part.

If it is too soft, it will be difficult to handle hard fabrics,

If it's too hard, there will be less contact between the bowl and the spatula, making it difficult to remove the dough cleanly.

Regarding the important point of "hardness",

This rubber spatula has the best hardness. It's very easy to use and it's great.

This is one of the reasons why Shijii has been a favorite for so long.

☑︎ One-piece design makes it hygienic.

(Image showing integrated type )

There is also a type where the handle part and spatula part can be removed,

When washing, the water may not dry completely and it may become unsanitary.

This rubber spatula has an integrated design, so you don't have to worry about that.

You can enjoy making sweets hygienically and safely at any time!

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