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chantine type

chantine type

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Chantine molds offer the best protection for financier extrusions. Designed for high impact resistance, durability and precision. High-quality size and shape allows you to store your products accurately and safely.

A light piece with a hint of fresh fruit that you'll want to eat this time of year.

By bringing out the fruity and floral characteristics of Peruvian cacao beans, we created a refreshing flavor with fruit flavors like fresh blueberries and green apples, even though it is a high cacao product with a cacao concentration of 75%.
A light piece with a pleasant acidity and bitterness, and a hint of fresh fruit.

Melts in the mouth perfect for pairing with cold drinks, and has a fresh fruit flavor brought out by the sugar.

At Minimal, we make chocolate by roasting in 1°C increments and adjusting the cacao concentration in 1% increments in order to express the various nuances of cacao.
This time, we not only adjusted the roasting and grind, but also used Hokkaido beet sugar to create something close to the impression of fresh fruit. We also added a small amount of cocoa butter to create the perfect melt-in-your-mouth texture when combined with cold drinks.

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