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Feels like magic.

It has excellent sharpness and can grate surprisingly cleanly.

Lemon and orange peels are essential for flavoring sweets.

This time, Introducing a ``zester'' that is useful for grating fruit peels.

☑︎ Beautiful appearance and compact stick shape

(Zester exterior)

A grater from the American woodworking manufacturer "MicroPlane".

This is a stick type unique to a manufacturer that makes files etc.

It's a tool that feels good to hold, with a compact size and beautiful design.

☑︎ Excellent sharpness. Overwhelmingly easy to use.

(Zester exterior)

This zester feels more like "scrubbing" using a grater.

It has an extremely sharp blade that almost feels like ``shaving off.''

When you use the sharp blade of this zester to scrape the peel of a lemon or orange,

The grated skin gives a fluffy finish.

☑︎ It's like magic. It can be grated with little force.

(Zester exterior)

Because it uses an extremely sharp blade,

You can grate easily and quickly with less force.
(It's smooth and doesn't get clogged!)

No stress like “I can’t get it down!”

You can enjoy making sweets comfortably!

☑︎ Because the blades are arranged in one direction Easy to wash Always clean.

(Photo of washing )

Because the blade of the zester is oriented in one direction,

Easy to clean by sliding the sponge from bottom to top.

It has a sharp blade that doesn't get clogged, so it's great that it doesn't collect dirt easily!

☑︎ Also great for forming tarts!

(Photo of Tarte Goshi Goshi )

In addition to grating the skin and ingredients,

This zester also helps in finishing the edges of the tart beautifully.

Because it is a stick type that has good sharpness and allows fine movements,

You can form tarts neatly.

☑︎ Dedicated cover ensures safe storage

(Photo of sliding the storage cover )

It can be easily attached by simply sliding it onto the blade.

Comes with its own transparent plastic cover.

(Photo of the item stored in the drawer)

Comes with a cover so you can store other tools, cloth, etc.

You can rest assured that it can be stored without getting caught.

(Photo of hooked up)

It has a hole so you can hang it on a hook and store it.

☑︎ Great for cooking too.

(Photo of garlic, ginger, and cheese scrub )

Of course, making sweets,

It is also useful for grating hard ingredients in cooking, such as garlic, ginger, and cheese.

(Performance photo of people scrubbing cheese on a table with food)

Even if you grate cheese at the table to finish salads and pasta,

It becomes a little performance and makes for a stylish picture.

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