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tart type

tart type

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Bottom type for easy removal.

A favorite tart type with cute deep grooves!

In a dough bowl made from flour and butter,

Tarts are popular sweets filled with cream and fruit.

This time, I would like to introduce the ``tart mold'' that Shiji often uses to make tarts.

☑︎ Easy to take out because the bottom is removed

(Image of the bottom coming off)

A delicious crispy tart.

Therefore, it has the characteristic of being easily broken.

Since it is a tart mold that can be removed from the bottom, it can be removed neatly without breaking the tart.

☑︎ Available in 4 sizes

(Photos of 4 different sizes)

There are many variations in size, so

You can choose the size that suits your lifestyle.

☑︎ Fluorine treatment for easy care

(Photo of washing )

The surface of the mold is treated with fluorine, making it easy to wash and maintain.

Keep it neat and clean at all times◎

☑︎ Made of aluminum with good heat conduction

(Take the oven and mold together)

The aluminum material has good thermal conductivity, so heat is transferred evenly.

There is no uneven baking, and the whole thing is evenly baked and beautifully browned.

(Photo of the baked tart)

☑︎ The depth of the grooves is cute

(Image with cute groove depth)

My favorite tart type is cute and has deep, curvy grooves.

(Photo of completed tart)

Recipes that can be made in a tart mold

☑︎ Strawberry tart
(Using 18cm)

A luxurious strawberry tart topped with plenty of strawberries.
Add plenty of custard to damando, which has an elegant almond flavor.
See recipe

☑︎ Raw chocolate tart
(Using 18cm)

A raw chocolate tart filled with plenty of smooth raw chocolate.
The contrast between the textures of the melty smooth raw chocolate and the crispy tart dough is the best!
See recipe

☑︎ Quiche
(Using 18cm)

You can also make quiche, a classic French side dish, using puff pastry.
The good aroma and salty taste of cheese and bacon will whet your appetite.
See recipe

☑︎ Peach tart
(Using 21cm)

A summer tart with a luxurious array of peaches compoteed with peach syrup.
It's melt-in-your-mouth delicious with plenty of custard inside.
See recipe

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