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Pastriese (1000mL without spray head)

Pastriese (1000mL without spray head)

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In the patisserie Almost 100% essential items.
This one bottle can be used for anything and is super convenient.

It is no exaggeration to say that almost 100% of patisseries have pastries.

I also use it so much that I can say it's an essential item when making sweets.

This time, we will introduce ``Pastorese'', which Shijii loves.

☑︎ Immediately sterilized with 77% pure alcohol.

(direct swoosh)

It is said that alcohol used for disinfection and sterilization is not effective unless it is at least 70% alcohol.

Pasteurise has a high alcohol content of 77%, so it can be safely disinfected and sterilized.

☑︎ Alcohol that can be sprayed directly onto food!

(Picture of swishing directly into custard )

The main point of Pastrese is that it can be sprayed directly onto the food!

This is possible because the pure water used for sake brewing is used for production.

A technique that only a sake brewing company can do.

In addition to a rubber spatula, whipper, and bowl for mixing the dough,

You can also apply it directly to the surface of mousse or custard.

(Picture of shu directly on lunch box or sashimi ) 

Not only for making sweets, but also for spraying on the surface of sashimi and lunch boxes.

It also helps maintain freshness in daily life.

☑︎ Wipe off the moisture thoroughly and then spray it on.

(Photo of wiping off water)

Things to be careful of when disinfecting and sterilizing are:

Do not spray on wet areas.

Spraying a wet bowl will not disinfect it.

Wiping the sprayed alcohol with a wet cloth will not disinfect it.

Be sure to wipe off any moisture beforehand and then spray on it to disinfect it!

☑︎ Of course, it can also be used for cleaning.

(Photo of washing )

Of course, it is useful for disinfecting ingredients and cooking utensils.

Since it is alcohol, it can also be used for cleaning.

Kitchen counters, dining tables, gas stoves, etc.

It is also useful for cleaning in daily life.

☑︎ Great value refill size too.

(Photos of 2 types of refill sizes )

Of course, there is a 500mL type with a spray head,

Also available in 1L and 4L refill sizes without a spray head.

In my case, I use it not only for making sweets, but also for everyday cooking and cleaning.

I consumed 4L over a period of about a year and a half. I hope this helps!

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