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“Cute sweets from pastry chef recipes” “Cute sweets from pastry chef recipes” “Cute sweets from pastry chef recipes” “Cute sweets from pastry chef recipes”

“Cute sweets from pastry chef recipes” “Cute sweets from pastry chef recipes” “Cute sweets from pastry chef recipes” “Cute sweets from pastry chef recipes”

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I want you to enjoy it for a long time.
This is such a recipe book.

YouTube channel "Shiji's Authentic Sweets Making" has become a recipe book!

This time, I would like to introduce Shiji's first recipe book, ``Cute Sweets with Patisserie Recipes''.

☑︎ Contains plenty of authentic sweets that you can make at home!

For those who picked up this book,

I want you to enjoy this book for a long time,

We have included plenty of authentic sweets that you can make at home.

Most general recipe books contain around 30 recipes each.

This book has 71 recipes including variations and mini recipes!

The editor who was in charge of the book said, ``This is a great book!''

This book is a great value and has been certified by us .

From baked goods such as scones, madeleines, and financiers,

From fresh sweets such as cookie choux, mille-feuille, and shortcake.

You can enjoy delicious authentic sweets at home!

☑︎ A collection of cute cookies!

There are 20 types of cookie sweets, including arrangements!

You can also make cute cookie tins by combining your favorite cookies.

There are many flavor arrangements listed, so

Please find your favorite flavor!

☑︎ Basic recipes are easy to understand with videos!

How to make cookie dough, how to make sponge cake,

How to whip fresh cream, how to make nappes, etc.

The basics of making sweets comes with a video exclusive to those who purchase the recipe book!

From the QR code published in the book,

You can always learn with easy-to-understand videos!

☑︎ There's also a Valentine's Day special at the end of the book.

At the end of the book, in preparation for Valentine's Day,

We've also included chocolate sweets that you can make and share in large quantities at once.

Everyone will be happy if you give them sweets in a cheerful mood!

Lots of pots!
Introducing a little bit of customer feedback!

Here are some testimonials from customers who purchased the recipe book and made sweets!

Thank you to all the viewers for your messages of gratitude♡

Limited recipes only available in recipe books

The recipe book is not published on YouTube.

It also includes many recipes exclusive to the recipe book !

Here we will introduce some of the recipes exclusive to this recipe book.

☑︎ Lunch box cake

In addition to the pink / chocolate / blueberry introduced on YouTube,
The recipe book includes a limited number of caramel/blue/yellow recipes.
A cute buttercream cake in the size of a lunch box, perfect for a picnic.

☑︎ Cake au Fruit / Orange tea pound cake

on YouTube In addition to the “Weekend Citron” that is open to the public,

"Tea and Orange Pound Cake" has a delicious aroma of tea and orange,

Contains "Cake au Fruit", which is made with luxurious dried fruits soaked in rum.

This is a dish that the editor, stylist, and photographer in charge praised as ``a pound cake so delicious you could drink it!' ' Both recipes are very delicious.

☑︎ Dacquoise / Galette Bretonne

- Dacquoise (caramel/ganache) - A meringue sweet with a nice almond scent.
We have prepared two types: caramel cream and ganache cream.

- Galette Bretonneux A thick grilled sable from the Brittany region of France.
This is a very delicious sable with butter and salty accent!

☑︎ Saengil cake

The popular Korean birthday cake “Saengil Cake” is available on YouTube.

In the recipe book, I finished it with fresh cream!

The light color and lovely look is very cute!

☑︎ Mosaic pattern icebox cookies

Make gradation cookie dough by arranging them alternately.

Ice box cookies with a super cute mosaic pattern that you wouldn't expect to find.

These are super cute and lively cookies that are fun to make and delicious to eat.

☑︎ Decorated cupcake / gateau chocolate

We decorated cupcakes and gateau chocolate to create cute cakes.

Tiramisu, Mont Blanc, strawberry, and blueberry cupcakes,

Gateau chocolate made with ganache and topped with fresh cream.

This is a very cute and delicious cake!

Thank you until the end!

Please take a look ♡

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