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Whipper (Matofa)

Whipper (Matofa)

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A lifetime whipper.
This is a wonderful product made in France.

A whipper is one of the essential tools for making sweets.

This time, Introducing the whipper made by France's Matofa company, which Shijii loves.

This whipper is simply amazing.

☑︎ It's durable and will last a lifetime!


Matofa's whipper is very durable.

It has durable wings so there is almost no need to worry about it breaking.

Once purchased, it is a lifelong product that can be used for a lifetime.

☑︎Grained grip for easy mixing of dough

(Image of the person holding it / close-up of the grain processing)

The black part grip It has been textured,

Very easy to grip without slipping.

This whipper makes it very easy to whip and mix dough.

☑︎ Hygienic joints that prevent water from entering.

(close-up image of the joint)

The joint between the grip and the wings is tightly sealed with resin, so

on the grip A very hygienic whipper that prevents water from entering.

If you have a whipper that gets water into the grip when you wash it,

After washing, there is a scene where unsanitary water collects in the grip and comes out.

Matofa's whipper is always hygienic.

You can enjoy making sweets with peace of mind!

☑︎ Not only is it easy to use, but it also has a beautiful appearance and design.

(Image while mixing)

Not only is it easy to mix and durable,

Matofa's whipper has a beautiful appearance and design.

While enjoying making sweets,

It's a great feeling when you see tools with beautiful designs.

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