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polycarbonate bowl

polycarbonate bowl

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Once you use it, you can't stop using it.

This bowl is extremely easy to use.

A bowl is one of the essential tools for making sweets.

This time, I would like to introduce the "Polycarbonate Bowl" that Shiji often uses.

☑︎ A light and durable bowl

(Image on a scale. *Like G.)

Since it's a plastic bowl, it's lightweight.

Even though it is transparent, it is really lighter than glass.

It is made of strong resin, so it is durable.

This bowl is durable, lightweight, and very easy to use.

☑︎ Can be used in the microwave!

(Image taken when placed in the microwave)

Another great thing about this polycarbonate bowl is that it can be used in the microwave.

Butter, milk, fresh cream, etc. are commonly used in sweets making scenes.

You can keep it warm in the bowl.

This bowl is also very useful when tempering chocolate.

☑︎ Poor heat conduction actually makes it easier to use.

(Photo of chocolate tempering )

Plastic has poor heat conductivity compared to stainless steel bowls.

This is useful with chocolate, as it doesn't conduct heat well.

When handling chocolate, stainless steel will quickly cool and harden.

Plastic bowls are convenient because they don't experience sudden temperature changes.

☑︎ High performance yet cheap!

(Photo of chocolate tempering )

Since it is made of plastic, it has such high performance and is also cheap.

(Illustration of different sizes)

Since the price is low, it is convenient to have various sizes available.

It is even more convenient to use them differently depending on the purpose of use.

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