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mini silicone spatula

mini silicone spatula

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It has a small turning radius and is very convenient.
Cute size silicone spatula!

This time, Can be used for making sweets and cooking,

Introducing the very useful "Mini Silicon Spatula".

☑︎ Very convenient mini size with small turning radius!

(Photo of scooping)

When you want to scoop something up and think it's too big to use a rubber spatula.

Conveniently sized mini silicone spatula!

It is an excellent product that allows you to scoop out small amounts of jam or sauce neatly.

☑︎ Convenient for mixing

(Photo of mixing)

Convenient not only for scooping but also for mixing something.

It can be used to make small amounts of sauce, small items, and even for cooking.

☑︎ Straight shape that is easy to use.

(Photo of the tip)

The straight tip makes it very easy to use.

Some spatulas are slanted, but this size is easier to use straight.

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