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Whipper (mini)

Whipper (mini)

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Mini size convenient for mixing small amounts.
Although it is small, it is very useful.

A whipper is one of the essential tools for making sweets.

Among the whippers, this time, Introducing the "Mini" that Shijii loves.

☑︎ Very convenient when mixing small amounts.

(Image while mixing)

Ganache and whole eggs, which are often used in making sweets,

Very convenient when mixing small amounts.

It's small size makes it easy to wash.

(Image of washing with water) 

☑︎ Size that prevents it from rolling when placed against a bowl

(Image of whipper with colon)

Everyone has probably experienced this while making sweets.

A scene where the whipper is placed against the bowl.

When mixing small amounts, I prop the whipper up against a small bowl.

You'll end up rolling around.

If you use a mini whipper, it will stay in the same position even if you lean it up against it.

You can enjoy making sweets without any stress.

☑︎ Easy to use and very affordable!

(Any image of the mini whipper.)

Although it is very easy to use,

I'm happy with the very affordable price, which is easy on your wallet.

You can purchase it for the price of *** yen and the price of one cup of coffee at a cafe.

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