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Reusable squeeze bag

Reusable squeeze bag

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Eco-friendly products that can be used repeatedly.

It is also useful for squeezing hard dough.

A piping bag is one of the essential tools for making sweets.

This time, I'd like to introduce a reusable piping bag that Shiji also uses.

☑︎ Eco-friendly products that can be washed and used.

(Photo of washing)

It is a very eco-friendly product as it can be washed with water and used repeatedly.

☑︎ The bag is sturdy, so it can be used to squeeze hard dough.

(Comparison image with the failed squeezing failure scene)

If you have ever made sweets, you have probably experienced it at least once.

A scene where the bag is torn when squeezing cookies.

Reusable piping bags have a sturdy bag, so

Another point is that it is easy to squeeze when squeezing hard dough.

☑︎ You will get used to it as you use it.


The bag feels stiff when you first use it, but

You will get used to it after using it a few times.

Wash it and use it over and over again to make it a piping bag that fits in your hands and is easy to use!

☑︎ Convenient to use with disposable bags

( )

I use disposable piping bags and reusable piping bags depending on the purpose.

Disposable items are mainly for items that go directly into the mouth, such as raw cakes and mousses.

Reusable piping bags can be used to make baked goods, cookies, choux, etc.

It is mainly used for pasteurized sweets.

By using different bags depending on the purpose, you can reduce the frequency of using disposable bags.

Leads to ecology and savings.

☑︎ It's convenient to have two sizes that you use often.

(Photo of cutting with scissors )

When setting the cap, cut the bag with scissors.

Of course, if you cut the bag large to set a large cap and use it,

Because it becomes impossible to set a small cap,

It is convenient to have two bags of frequently used sizes, one for large caps and one for small caps.

With a large mouthpiece, I use macarons, bousses, choux, etc.

I use the small nozzle for small cookies and meringue cookies!

(Photo showing the large and small ones side by side )

☑︎ How to wash and dry

(Photo upside down )

When you are finished using it, turn the bag upside down and wash it in hot water.

After washing, turn it upside down and let it dry.

(Photo of it standing upside down )

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