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sauce pan

sauce pan

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Just the right size and easy to use
A cute enamel pot!

A small one-handed pot that you'll often want to use when making sweets.

This time, I would like to introduce ``milk bread'' and ``sauce bread'' that Shiji often uses.

☑︎ There are 2 types of sizes. This is a one-handed pot with a cute design.

(Images of brother bread lined up.)

A very cute one-handed pot with a warm wooden handle and a white enamel pot.

The stylish design blends well with your interior and will enhance your mood.

There are two sizes, the smaller one is milk bread and the larger one is saucepan.

They are small in size, 12cm and 14cm, respectively.

Warm milk, cook a small amount of custard, etc.

This is a very easy-to-use one-handed pot that is the size often used for making sweets.

☑︎ The 14cm saucepan comes with a lid.

(Photo of washing ) 

The 14cm saucepan has a lid.

Transfer the scent of vanilla to milk, transfer the scent of black tea to fresh cream, etc.

Can be extracted without the need for plastic wrap.

☑︎ Enamel pot that is resistant to acids and alkalis.

(Bad photo )

An enamel pot is an iron pot coated with a glassy glaze.

The surface of the pot is glass, so it is resistant to acids and alkalis.

Another point is that glassy dirt and odors do not easily stick to it.

It is very convenient and can be used to make sauces for fruits that are often used in making sweets.

☑︎ Be careful not to scrub or clutter.

(Bad photo )

The enamel pot is made by coating the iron surface with a glassy glaze.

If the glassy coating peels off, it will deteriorate.

Rubbing it with metal tools,

Be careful not to scrub it with a scrubbing brush.

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